Let’s take a trip back in time….To be exact, let’s go three years prior to the release of the monster smash, Gnome Dash. There we find a boy trapped in a man’s body. Not unlike many we have seen before, but this one is different. He has a thought, “Where is the fun and adventure in the top 100 mobile games in this world? Game after game and hours upon hours spent gaming upon the porcelain throne he came to a conclusion. No game seemed to meet the standards of the console classics that he was yearning for. Suddenly a gust of wind swept in, it carried with it the heavenly aroma of a field of wildflowers dripping with dew and the faint chorus of birds chirping. Then, a fairy whispered, “You, can make a game more fun my dear. Now get off the toilet and get to work!” This was the beginning of a passionate adventure turned destiny.


The first step in this arduous journey was to acquire all the skills needed to slay the beast of the not so humorous 1-D fun known as programming. So the boy-man went out into the woods and taught himself how to become a knight of the game programming table. Then, it was on to grow the artistic side. Here he discovered that pencil and paper (and many erasers) were the best mode of interpretation.

After a year of building skills it was time to get serious. Time to make a game that would be more fun than any other game in the history of mobile games. Easy, right? The first idea was ‘Secrets of the: Tastiest Guitar licks Ever’ an open world adventure where you search and scour a magical realm and battle guitar gods to acquire their unique tasty style [coming soon!]. Not a perfect match for a touch screen. So, the boy-man turned to his pastime passion of gnomes and it became apparent what the game would be. A foretold prophecy of a troll invasion on a quiet and quirky gnome village. The only hope to saving the village lies in the hands of one gnome who must find and assemble a cybernetic fox that will assist in destroying the trolls. This magical adventure would be nothing without being able to ride a worm or a goofy flying bee. Being able to collect flying, farting whales or sparkling singing fairies. Smashing annoying stinkie bees, annihilating trolls hanging from balloons in the sky or bouncing off mushroom caps…

While figuring out the style of game, controls, story, user interface the boy-man realized the strong need to employ another talent of his. In order to tell the story, enhance the adventure and set Gnome Dash apart, the boy-man needed to bring the element of music and sound. He found himself standing in the middle of the village, he could hear all the sounds around him from distant tasty lutes and tin flutes. The voice of Noyman, the shop owner and quite the little swindler, to the majestic voices of the fairies singing as they flutter by. It became apparent the Music and SFX needed to be reproduced naturally and acoustically to capture the authenticity and feel of the village atmosphere.

Now imagine a really cool two year montage with cut scenes of drawing, coding, silly cartwheels, playing instruments, and giving solid thumbs ups. When the loud 80’s music dies down we are left with an intriguing magical story with 700 individual hand drawn images, written code equivalent to one and a half Harry Potter Books, 20+ original songs written and recorded with over 25 different instruments, and a very exhausted now boy-man-game developer.

Gnome Dash, the first game by Super Goodwin, was manifested with pure passion and comes with a guaranteed smile or you will receive a free hug courtesy of Chris Goodwin. Super Goodwin is the start of an Epic Adventure powered by enjoyment and the culmination of life experiences that is focused on creating as much happiness as possible. Changing the world one smile at a time.