Gnome Dash ver 2.0.0 – Major Update

Double Jump Coolest power-up to hit the village since the Unicorns came to town New challenging double jump bonus round New zany character Zammy Baba Find Zammy’s secret world, and mode of game play Zammy will grant you one of three wishes from stolen goodies, mystery treasure, or magical powers iOS Features 3D Touch: Added […]

Gnome Dash Flying Bee

Fly Fly Eddie Chatterbox

Eddie Chatterbox Village: Just South of Flufftin Village Favorite Artist: Iron Dragonfly Favorite Food: Troll Droppings Info: If Eddie could shut his mouth long enough maybe another gnome wouldn’t jump on top of him. He won’t stop flying!

Gnome Dash Troll

Who is Tommy Too Troll?

Tommy Too Troll Village: Thornatarium Favorite Band: TrollicA Favorite Meal: Baby Gnomes with a side of buzzington juice Info: Too Troll is on the hunt for destruction and the only thing that can stop him is a soft spot on the top of his head. Shhh, I think I see ripples in that cup of […]

Gnome Dash the Hound

The Evil Hound

The Hound Village: Lands End Keep Favorite Song: Who let the hounds out? Favorite Food: Gnomes and Fat Hoppers Info: Once The Hound has the sent of a Gnome he will stop at nothing (including watching the hit movie the Houndingtons) to capture his prey. The Hound can’t wait to give you a sniff!

Gnome Dash Blink Hero

Your Hero Blink T. Fishman

Blink T. Fishman Village: St. Relaxington Village Favorite Band: Happy Spurlock and the motown fairies Favorite Meal: Troll medium rare with mashed firebugs Info: Blink loves relaxing with his hash pipe and lute, but is currently distracted with saving the entire village.

Gnome Dash Ted Token Nizzle

Meet TED [the token] NIZZLE

TED [token] NIZZLE Village: Fly’s South For The Winter Favorite Band: Keep Tokenz It Favorite Food: Moose Fly Info: Ted literally farts rainbows around town waiting to be collected so he can give his collector something special…

Worm Wormington

Come Meet Chazz Wormington

Chazz Wormington Village: Rocksville Favorite Artist: Diggy Wormdrix Favorite Food: Slimy Sawcapuss Info: When Chazz is not roping maggots he is waiting around to give a lucky gnome a ride; Hold on tight! Chazz can’t wait to give you a ride!

Gnome Dash Beesley

Come meet Beesley B. Buzzington

Beesley B. Buzzington Village: Flufftin Village Favorite Band: Pink Buzz Favorite Food: Sunred nector Info: Beesley usually has her head in the clouds, but is always glad to give a gnome a ride on her back. Beesley can’t wait to meet you!