Meet some of the gang!

Blink T. Fishman from Gnome Dash

Blink T. Fishman

Village: St. Relaxington Village
Favorite Band: Happy Spurlock and the motown fairies
Favorite Meal: Troll medium rare with mashed firebugs
Info: Blink loves relaxing with his hash pipe and lute, but is currently distracted with saving the entire village.

TED [token] NIZZLE from Gnome Dash

TED [token] NIZZLE

Village: Fly's South For The Winter
Favorite Band: Keep Tokenz It
Favorite Food: Moose Fly
Info: Ted literally farts rainbows around town waiting to be collected so he can give his collector something special...

Chazz Wormington from Gnome Dash

Chazz Wormington

Village: Rocksville
Favorite Artist: Diggy Wormdrix
Favorite Food: Slimy Sawcapuss
Info: When Chazz is not roping maggots he is waiting around to give a lucky gnome a ride; hold on tight!

Beesley B. Buzzington from Gnome Dash

Beesley B. Buzzington

Village: Flufftin Village
Favorite Band: Pink Buzz
Favorite Food: Sunred nector
Info: Beesley usually has her head in the clouds, but is always glad to give a gnome a ride on her back.

Meet some baddies and obstacles!

The Hound from Gnome Dash

The Hound

Village: Lands End Keep
Favorite Song: Who let the hounds out?
Favorite Food: Gnomes and Fat Hoppers
Info: Once The Hound has the sent of a Gnome he will stop at nothing (including watching the hit movie the Houndingtons) to capture his prey.

Tommy Too Troll from Gnome Dash

Tommy Too Troll

Village: Thornatarium
Favorite Band: TrollicA
Favorite Meal: Baby Gnomes with a side of buzzington juice
Info: Too Troll is on the hunt for destruction and the only thing that can stop him is a soft spot on the top of his head.

Eddie Chatterbox from Gnome Dash

Eddie Chatterbox

Village: Just South of Flufftin Village
Favorite Artist: Iron Dragonfly
Favorite Food: Troll Droppings
Info: If Eddie could shut his mouth long enough maybe another gnome wouldn't jump on top of him.

Troll Blaster 50,000 from Gnome Dash VIllage

Troll Blaster 50,000

Village: Various
Favorite Game: Blaster McMaster
Favorite Toy Gun: Goobert McStoobert 52 Lubert
Info: Built by the gnomes and placed around the village to deter the trolls can sometimes come out of nowhere if you are not looking where you are running.

Gnome Dash The Music

All the music in Gnome Dash was written and recorded with real acoustic instruments to capture the village atmosphere. The music in Gnome Dash will take you on a soulful adventure. Beginning with a more pleasant, relaxing feeling as you fly high through Flufftin Cloud Village. The mood changes as you start to climb down worlds and the music becomes more atmospheric and dark. You can purchase music in-game from Noyman’s shop to use as your ringtone, download to your personal music collection, or if desired feed to your digital dog. Get playing now to soak up delicious ear treats from the game! Below are a few sample tracks from the village.

Title: Fire Light
World: In-Store Music
Instruments: Skinatin Flute, Oaken Trolltar, Berry Shakers, Wooden Sticks

Title: Happy Gnome Dayz
World: St. Relaxington Village
Instruments: Oaken Trolltar, Absinthe Gnomedolin

Title: Stars of Orion
World: Under World
Instruments: Village Keys, Oaken Trolltar

Title: Cloudy Gnomedolin
World: Flufftin Cloud Village
Instruments: Oaken Trolltar, Absinthe Gnomedolin

Gnome Dash Legend

Long Ago a wise Gnome foretold of a day when trolls would rise up and take these magical lands from the Gnomes... [today is that day] The prophecy also foretold that one Gnome [you] could save us all.

Project Swift Fox from Gnome DashWith the help of wise fairies and joyous creatures, your hero, Blink T. Fishman soon acquires blueprints containing clues on how to build a secret weapon that can single-handedly destroy the Trolls and restore balance. What is the secret weapon you ask? Project: SWIFT, a cybernetic fox equipped with nothing short of laser beam eyes, rocket launcher, deadly gas farts, and a giant razor blade tail.

It is up to you to search and scour the magical worlds with wit and speed to find the pieces to put together Project: SWIFT, or it may be the end of Gnomanity as we know it...

Are you Gnome enough to save us all?

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